and this is a girl i know.

c is a girl i know. she likes shabby chic and she is the daintiest eater i have ever seen. you wouldn't know it though because how she looks on the outside. this is what she says. d is a girl i know. she is funny and thinks i am, too. she has sparkly eyes. she expects and believes in extraordinary. she always knows what i am thinking. c and d talk to each other everyday; they talk about what they know. and do not know. this is what they say. and, this is a girl that i know.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

no shots

hey c - since when does "no shots" mean "i didn't do one. i shared it with m"? really, c. give me more credit than that.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

c's weekend - as told by c to me.

c and i did not get to spend time together this past weekend because i traveled out of town. we also did not get much voice to voice action due to no cell service in the mountains and because i was staying in one of those rustic resorts hidden by "spa" language (no tv and no one rubbing my feet - not exactly spa). as soon as that plane landed on monday afternoon, i got on the horn and called c. c explained her weekend to me. and, this is what she said.

c met a nice guy - w - on friday night. w was new to town. i say w got lucky meeting a gal like c. she doesn't sit around. c is the on the go type of gal. she ended up spending the whole weekend with w tooling around dallas together. they did the nasher sculpture center for lunchin and artin. then, they were supposedly going to go to the midnight movie at the inwood. yeah right. i know c. and, all hours before midnight hits were not going to be sober waiting hours. my lady c was off and running to lee harvey's and grapevine. no midnight movie nor midnight itself was seen. c and w were in bed before then. yes - in bed. c says to me - probably not a great idea taking a total stranger home with me (pause for breathe) but oh well. i heart c. i also heart how c probably put on that she hangs at places like nasher sculpture center. c does not.

c also recounted a story to me about some sexy troubles with her pup. it seems that her pup got ultra excited about something and ended up having his, as c says, "penis come completely out of his body" and "his insides came completely out". i had no visuals to pull from nor do i think i want them. but, c said she called the vet. the vet walked her through the steps of getting his stuff back inside of him. i asked her to remind me of this whenever i say i want a pup too.

overall - c had a pretty excitable weekend of new boy meetin and greetin, acting fancy pantsy artie, and touching her pup's privates.

Friday, September 01, 2006

prostitutes anonymous

tonight, d and i were talking, of course. she thinks every guy has had sex with a prostitute. um, i don't think so. am i crazy, or is she?

without a trace

i went to c's house. she answered in a bra and skirt. she immediately hushed me. explanation: without a trace is on. story set up was given; it was on commerical so she had the time to do so. hush again. it is back on now. c is on her couch. forget it. she doesn't need a shirt. shirts are so 5 years ago. i look at the tv with her. than look at her. she has sad eyes behind those glasses. she sits very still. she turns to me and says. "there is not one time that i watch this without a trace that i do not cry". she is serious. she turns away. quickly. back at the moving picture screen. it takes her one second. maybe even less. how do you quantify that? to forget that we were talking. she is back in it. sad eyes. bottom lip trembles.

all i can do is laugh. she sees me do so out of the corner of her eye. joins me again. for that quantity that is less than a second. and then back to without a trace.

what i learned from c: she feels. oh good gosh. does she ever feel. not new learns. but, add ons.